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Full Version: Use Advanced Launcher to open folders
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I had some issues using advanced launcher to open some games, and thought it might be easier to just open a folder with games shortcuts, or even to open the desktop. Since my windows based htpc boots directly to xbmc through the shell, this usually required a few steps to get to. This is how I did it using advance launcher, in case anyone else wants to do the same.

-Create a txt file and name it whatever you like, I named it after the folder.
-inside the file write:
%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe "folder path"
With "folder path" being the folder you want to open. (if you have spaces in your folder names, keep the quotation marks around the folder path)
-save the text file and rename it, removing the ".txt" and changing it to ".bat" (this requires you to change the windows setting for hiding extensions)
-You can then set advance launcher to run the .bat file, which will open your folder.

I then (using the Aeon Nox skin) Set the file as a favorite, and added it to the main screen. Hopefully someone finds this useful!