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Full Version: System.Exec
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I want to run Shell Comands with System.Exec. I use xbmc-standalone on Kubuntu 12.04. I changed the DialogButtonMenu.xml for the Shutdown Button like this:

<control type="button" id="3">
                <description>Shutdown button</description>
                <texturefocus border="25,5,25,5">ShutdownButtonFocus.png</texturefocus>
                <texturenofocus border="25,5,25,5">ShutdownButtonNoFocus.png</texturenofocus>
                <onclick>System.Exec(mkdir /home/xbmc/exit)</onclick>

Just the line which contains System.Exec.... is added by me. Unfortuanetely it doesn't works. Do I have to include something more ? Thanks for your help.

Here is the logfile
don't post logs on the forum
oh sorry I forgot to read the forum rules