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Full Version: Apple TV 3
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Recently got an Apple TV 3 and want to airplay xbmc from either an Android tablet or iPad (newest one coming out or 2).
Is this possible at all with eitherHuh

Also, does anyone offer a service (in Chicago) of setting up xbmc with all the coolest add-ons & skinsHuh

Thank you for any input
This is possible with jailbreakable iPads 2 and higher, including all jailbreakable iPad minis: HOW-TO:Use video output on iOS (wiki)
Thanks for your reply, but I want to reverse what you're saying.
I want to airplay or mirror xbmc from my android device to the apple tv 3.
no way
oh well. guess i'll have to buy an iPad ... the new ones should be coming out next week. thanks much for your input