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I've been using xbmc for years Just getting into the whole addon thing and absolutely loving it got all my video addons working except for anything sports related ie sports devil or sports a holic I get various errors when trying to run these addons spent days trawling the forums errors are usually "no stream available" I also get "error running script" sometimes it looks like its going to work I see the play icon appear at the bottom and then nothing exact same on windows 7 pc and android phone (Samsung galaxy s3 clone dual sim) debug file from my pc please help would love to get this working.
(MOD EDIT: Removed log pasted directly in post)
Looks like librtmp file needs updating.
See this post.
Thanks for your help I've updated the file now not getting the no stream available message but try's to play video get the working message then the play button appears at the bottom and disappears also tried installing xbmc on my laptop and updating on that get the exact same problem do you think there could be a problem with my network ?
Please do not paste log contents directly in post. Instead, upload it to a public paste site such as www.xbmclogs.com and post just the assigned URL heree.
apologies latest log file here: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=59119 Also noticed I've started getting audio dropouts had buffering issues cleared cache etc.