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Full Version: Stereoscopic 3D mode on-change events
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I want to create service addon, which will switch my Samsung 3D TV into 3D mode whenever XBMC enters stereoscopic mode. But I can't find any usefull events in built-in modules. Am I missing something? Or events like OnStereoModeChange() are not present yet?

Some background:
- changing 3D mode over HDMI is not possible (on my configuration, as far as I know). nvidia cards won't support 3D TV Play on Linux (I don't have Quadro card)
- changing 3D mode over CEC is not possible (as far as I know)
- changing 3D mode over TV's remote is annoying
- but there is LAN remote control interface in this TV and I have also working python script, so service addon can do this for me automatically

Please correct me if I'm wrong in anything.