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Full Version: Controller support issue.
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Hey all, grabbed the latest build and it's working fantastically. Very smooth launching of ROMs and flipping between games. Only issue i'm having is that my Logitech pad dosn't seem to actually control anything in game. Works fine in XBMC but yeah, once in a game...nothing.

Curious if perhaps i'm just missing a setting or something here?
post a debug log
Hope i did this right haha!

ok, found the issue. you'll need to modify joystick.Logitech.RumblePad.2.xml and add a <FullscreenGame> node (see my changes to joystick.Microsoft.Xbox.360.Controller.xml)

post your keymap here and i'll include it in the test builds
I had a go at adding the FullscreenGame node to my Rumblepad 2 XML but not getting any results. Due to me being quite new to XBMC I would imagine that's just down to user error.
I just tried this and managed to get my Rumblepad2 working in the game. This is the FullScreenGame node I created
    <joystick name="Logitech Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2">
      <altname>Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2</altname>
      <altname>Logitech RumblePad 2 USB</altname>
      <!-- Button configuration -->
      <button id="1">JoypadY</button>
      <button id="2">JoypadB</button>
      <button id="3">JoypadA</button>
      <button id="4">JoypadX</button>
      <button id="5">JoypadL</button>
      <button id="6">JoypadR</button>
      <button id="7">JoypadL2</button>
      <button id="8">JoypadR2</button>
      <button id="9">JoypadSelect</button>
      <button id="10">JoypadStart</button>
      <button id="11">OSD</button>
      <button id="12">Fullscreen</button>
      <!-- D-pad configuration -->
      <hat    id="1" position="left">JoypadLeft</hat>
      <hat    id="1" position="right">JoypadRight</hat>
      <hat    id="1" position="up">JoypadUp</hat>
      <hat    id="1" position="down">JoypadDown</hat>
      <!-- Right Analog configuration, 4=up/down, 3=left/right -->
      <axis limit="+1" id="4">VolumeDown</axis>
      <axis limit="-1" id="4">VolumeUp</axis>
      <axis limit="+1" id="3">AnalogRewind</axis>
      <axis limit="-1" id="3">AnalogFastForward</axis>
      <!-- Left Analog configuration, 2=up/down, 1=left/right -->
      <axis limit="-1" id="2">JoypadUp</axis>
      <axis limit="+1" id="2">JoypadDown</axis>
      <axis limit="-1" id="1">JoypadLeft</axis>
      <axis limit="+1" id="1">JoypadRight</axis>
Note that I mapped the facebuttons to the A/B/X/Y layout of the SNES layout (Y/B/A/X for buttons 1/2/3/4 respectively). I also mapped the buttons 11 and 12 (pressing down the Left and Right analog stick) to show the OSD and toggle Fullscreen respectively. That way you can access the menu and playback options with your gamepad.

I still need to check if this is gonna work properly everywhere, maybe see how the configuration works on different emulators. There also seems to be an issue where the last command given by the gamepad in normal XBMC navigation gets repeated continuously. When I've looked into this and it's working correctly I'll try to supply the entire keymap .xml file.

For now, I've checked that this works in the NES and SNES emulators, as long as you don't use the gamepad for normal XBMC navigation (because of the repeating issue). Hope this is useful to anyone else.