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Full Version: audio book resume in file?
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I listen to audio books & podcasts.

Both of these formats tend to have audio files which are longer than your typical 'song' (format: mp3 or ogg). These audio files can have a playback length larger than 45min.

Is there a plugin which accomodates for this?

I'm looking for a similar feature as implemented for movies and tv-shows: Stop during playback, and the next time I start the file it resumes playing at the same timestamp within the file. The default behaviour seems to play audio files from the start, not remembering the last played position within the file.

As audio files are obviously simpler than video files I was wondering if this feature already exists. I couldn't find it: Did I miss something?

So, if this feature exists: Can somebody point me in the right direction?

If this feature does not exist:

What would be the best approach to implement this?


Good question, and may I add another one: How do you tag audiobooks? (How do they, if at all, fit within the artist/album schema?)
I find this issue on almost anything I play audiobooks on. Android phone, xbmc, squeezebox.

Can you manually add a bookmark in xbmc for an audio file?