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Full Version: VDR 2.2.1 - xmltv2vdr script working for anyone?
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just like the topic title says:

is there anyone who's successfully using the xmltv2vdr script with VDR 2.2.1 version? In my configuration nothing is being imported into VDR epg.data...
In VDR log I can only see the SVDRP connection opening and then closing.

I'm on vdr 2.0.2 so there may have been some changes but xmltv2vdr.pl still works on my end. I'm pretty sure there's also different versions of the xmltv2vdr script floating around, so it may be worth checking out when yours has been created.

I think I've got mine from here https://github.com/oldmanuk/xmltv2vdr it was slightly updated but the git page is down now. http://pastebin.com/4URJPCqW if you want to test it.

edit: Discussion about it here: http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2012-March/025937.html