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Full Version: XBMC Ball Streams
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Hey guys, how do I get XBMC Ball Streams to display on my BluRay when accessing XBMC? The only things I can navigate to under the Video folder are Files and Playlists, each of which are empty. It works fine on the computer
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What are "XBMC Ball Streams"?
Hey man.Thanks
It's like the Hockey Streams, only the basketball version. It may be because it needs to be updated before the season starts. Basically the issue is that it is a Video Add-on, but is not showing up when I open XBMC on my BluRay. It is not available in the file navigation. How do I get it to display?
Are you talking about streaming your XBMC computer's video output to your Bluray player (e.g., via UPnP) or actually trying to install XBMC on your Bluray player? Also, if this is one of those piracy add-ons, we can't help you here per forum rules (wiki).