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Full Version: Contributing in the WiKi
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I'm trying to contribute to the WiKi.

For now, I have just edit this page to add my script "Random And Last Items" :


1 - I have make the closest png file for the column title. I have use MS Sans Serif font but other titles look bold compare to mine

2 - Some of the skins use features include, like Aeon Nox : {{#lst:Add-on:Aeon Nox|Skin features}}

3 - I have added my script in Aeon Nox feature but I should have done it wrong because tabular cell is empty. How can I link my script to skin feature then to Wiki page ?

Thanks for your help.
You did everything correct on your side, I just needed to add the new parameter to the template. However, the wiki server is acting up right now, but it should be working soon. Thanks for the addition!