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Full Version: Please help!!!
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As i am an idiot, i uninstalled all of my video addons on my ATV2. i have tried to re-install them and after i go to "get addons" and click on the add-on i want, i am told that Installation failed.

Can anyone help me?
Enable debug logging in XBMC, try to install your add-on and, when installation fails, exit XBMC and examine your debug log (wiki) to see why it failed. However, if you are referring to the same or similar add-on as in your previous thread ( http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=173481 ), you still won't get any help for that here. Otherwise, you may upload a copy of your log to www.xbmclogs.com and post the assigned URL here so others can review it.

part of the problem is that i cannot install and enable the debug addon.

is there another way of uploading the logile?

I have read on another thread that my problem could be that my addon databse is corrupt, but as i dont have a clue about this kind of thing, i donĀ“t know where to start.
You can locate and upload your debug log manually: Log_file/Advanced (wiki)