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Full Version: Sky Go for Germany
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Hello Folk,

i see there is an sky go addon (UK) in the forum.
Does it work in for german sky too?
If no, is there an Addon for Sky germany for XBMC??


Unfortunately this doesn't work for Germany - and it won't work in the future either. That is because of the different techniques - while the SkyGo in the U.K. really consists of selectable channels that get streamed directly to you, the SkyGo in Germany consists of selectable programs instead of a stream of the actual broadcasting channel.
Take football for an example:
While you'd switch to Sky Sport 2 HD for the game BVB - FCB on the TV, you'd specifically select the game BVB - FCB within SkyGo. That is different in the UK, there you'd select Sky Sport 2 HD on SkyGo as well.
This is the reason the addon is not working for us.

There is no real "addon" for SkyGo Germany - however, I use the following method:
I added the extension "html" to the video-files via my advancedsettings.xml and set the internetexplorer as an external player for the filetype html (I can post my full advancedsettings.xml later, if requested), then I proceeded to put a file called skygo.html in the root folder of one of my video sources and filled it with a direct redirect to the skygo-website. From there on I have to use my mouse, though - no way around that.
I then went ahead and added the "skygo.html" to my favourites in XBMC, created a home-menu item from the favourite. Now I am able to click on skygo from within XBMC and open it in a webbrowser.
Not bad, if you have a HTPC with Linux.