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Full Version: New Season posters not being scraped?
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Now that a number of US TV shows have started their new run, I've picked up several shows this week and none have scraped their new season poster even though the season poster artwork is correctly named (eg. season05-poster.jpg).

For instance, the following new season posters have all failed to scrape when issuing "Scan for new content" and had to be added manually via the Context Menu -> Change Art:

The Big Bang Theory/season07-poster.jpg
CSI Crime Scene Investigation/season14-poster.jpg
The Mentalist/season06-poster.jpg.

However the new episodes inside each season folder (named as Season 7, Season 14, Season 11 and Season 6 respectively) were all scraped correctly, including the associated thumbnail artwork - it's just the new season posters that are being ignored.

I'm seeing this behaviour in Frodo (12.2/OpenELEC 3.2 on x86) and also the latest Gotham (OpenELEC on R-Pi).

Is this a bug - is anyone else seeing this behaviour?

I've enabled debug but I'm not seeing anything related to the new season poster, so it doesn't look like it's being processed.

Here's an example, using a freshly created MyVideos76 database and the TVDB scraper ("Selected folder contains a single TV show" is not selected). I've already scraped in Season 1 and 2 of a single TV show, "Fringe" (each of these seasons has about 20 episodes). The Season 1, Season 2 (plus "Season All") posters were scraped in successfully, as expected.

In this subsequent scan for new content (Files -> My TV Shows -> Scan for new content) I'm now adding the first episode of Season 3 (Fringe S03E01.nfo/.mkv/-thumb.jpg), however no Season 3 poster (season03-poster.jpg) is scraped in even though it is present in the Fringe root folder. Nor is the Season 3 poster scraped in if I add yet another episode, S03E02 etc., just in case it's a flattening problem ("Flatten TV shows" is set to "If only one season").

If I now drop the video database, restart XBMC, set content and finally scan the source, all of the Season posters including Season 3 will be successfully scanned in. So it just seems that incrementally adding a new Season is no longer working as far as new season poster is concerned.
Here's the initial test folder with just Season 1 (20 episodes) and Season 2 (23 episodes) artwork and media:

The "Content" is set to "TV shows" on the TVShows folder, and the TVDB scraper is used with default settings. When the path is refreshed (scraped) all the season artwork will be successfully scraped and cached.

This is the same test folder but with the addition of a Season 3 folder (1 episode) and season03-poster.jpg artwork:


When executing "Update library" or "Scan for new content", the season03-poster.jpg artwork is never scraped.

If anyone wishes to test this for yourself, here are the test files on Dropbox:

Fringe-Step 1: 2.8MB zip, expands to 432MB (the media files are 10MB files created from /dev/zero). This archive contains the basic folder structure plus all media, artwork and meta-data files for the show, Season 1 and Season 2. Extract this archive then scrape into a new media library after setting content to "TV show" using the TVDB scraper on the Fringe parent folder (ie. the "TVShows" folder in the screenshots above).

Fringe-Step 2: 127KB zip, expands to 10MB - this archive contains the Season 3 folder (1 episode) and season03 artwork. Extract into the Fringe show folder, then run "Scan for new content" or "Update library".

Trac ticket #14339 already exists for this issue.
I Confirm this on win7 frodo 12.2
Bring up/select tv show information whatever show you wish to update, when information menu is up, click refresh, when asked by xbmc "Do you wish to refresh information for all episodes" or similar say no, then follow prompts to select show from the list given (if any), select correct show let it update, done.

What that does is scrape latest season folders and whatever information already has not already been scraped.

So The question xbmc asks "do you wish to refresh information for all episodes" when told no it only does update what doesn't already contain information, including any new season posters.

This must be done however individually per show which contains new seasons.

And yes it works flawlessly.
That to me is a work around, but for anyone that is updating libraries they will simply expect their new season poster to be automatically scraped in along with the new media and thumbnail artwork. Having to use an alternative update library procedure for new seasons is not really acceptable.

My normal way of updating libraries is fully automated, using JSON (VideoLibrary.Scan) which is when I first saw this problem, so practically speaking I have no workaround as resorting to the GUI isn't really an option.
Well I, agree with you, but, it does work like that, without re-scraping every piece of information which is the point also.

Its clumsy workaround and inconvenient having to do it per show, and without gui access a bummer, but it seems season art hasn't had much love or priority, specially at file level when you organize and separate episodes per season folders (which as I understand XBMC doesnt care how you handle that). Since I cant do better anyway in terms of patches, this will be at least a way others be able to handle this.

You did ask if this was a bug or noticed this behaviour, my answer is yes with the added info, of how I made it work for me and how it you also can make it work until this is handled properly some better magic way, which for Frodo/Stable users is likely never going to happen, and in that case now ppl can refer to this in a workaround way also, if indeed they werent already aware it could be done this way already.
OK many thanks Uni. I understand a fix for Frodo is out of the question, but hoped that maybe Gotham could get some love in this area - it's an annoying exception to the scraping process, especially now that new seasons are all starting to broadcast and I've got to manually intervene on boxes that normally look after themselves! Smile
I can also add, I dont use season posters at all (or any user art), so in my case whatever art is handled is 100% via XBMC default scrapers, so my file structure is only limited to Show name, Season 1, Season 2 etc with the respective episodes inside.

So based on that I notice the above as well with no change.
This has irked me since the beginning and I thought I must be doing something wrong.
Thanks for clearing it up...I was refreshing but choosing YES, so now I know what No does which is what I want when a new season is introduced.
Agreed, it's a bit clunky, but at least there's a workaround
The reason is that season art is fetched from the show query: i.e. without rescanning a show, season art won't be refetched.

Certainly something that should be remedied - not sure the best way to go about it though (the hammer is to re-fetch the show information when we get an episode for a season we haven't seen before, but you've got to rule out things like bad seasons being identified and forcing a re-scrape when not necessary). The ideal would be that season information was grabbed outside of the show information, i.e. given a show and season, there was a function to run in the scraper to grab art (and any other details - mayaswell look to the future) for it.
We can right -click (if using a mouse) and "Choose art" at a higher level, perhaps an option for a season folder to choose/search for art?
Again, I'm just glad I wasn't doing anything wrong or missing something lol
The best workaround is to select info/refresh and choose no, then the only data re-fetched should repopulate what is missing only, including season art leaving everything else fully working. The annoyance is having to do it per show basis. TBH I rather that then having to redo it from scratch.

Though I agree with Jmarshall, something should be remedied which is to use the code when you say no and apply it when there is a general library update, instead of going for the hammer and re-fetching everything which causes other issues, like previously cached SD/HD flags total show times and re caching the whole art again, which is rather unnecessary. Though Ill admit I have no understanding of how to make it better.
Some kind of refresh "mode" for the entire season might be something to consider. Another problem with just-airing TV shows is they can often have entries on the scraper site, but might not have everything filled out right away, or have some very minimal place-holder text. This last TV season/quarter I have been updating my library as stuff comes out, and that seems to happen a lot. Maybe a solution for Season posters could be included in this same issue. Some kind of "once season has ended, refresh all data for season X" option?

I think it would be possible if scraper sites had some indication of when a season/series was in-progress or not. Or maybe a way for the user to define when a portion of a show needs to be refreshed.

I might be over thinking it, though.
I'll be the first to admit I don't understand the intricacies of how to fix this correctly, but I'll just be happy as long as it's on the radar since it's a bit of a pain in the backside and not at all obvious why it happens! Smile

(2013-10-01, 02:11)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]I might be over thinking it, though.

Whatever is implemented, it shouldn't require an additional end-user step beyond the existing "Update Library" or "Scan for new content" (or JSON "VideoLibrary.Scan"). When you add the first episode of a new season, users will just expect it to appear (along with all the new artwork) after running another scan - after all, the scan finds the new episode(s) so why not the new artwork? Perhaps the scanner can recognise it's a new season and do something special, but the user shouldn't need to anything extra than what they do today.

As for when seasons start and end - not really sure that's important (yes, probably over thinking it) - in my test example for Fringe, which is using entirely local metadata, this series finished a year or so ago, and Season 3 was aired a couple of years before that, but adding first Season 1 and Season 2, then dropping in episode 1 of Season 3 should still mean that everything is scraped correctly irrespective of when the scrape(s) takes place.
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