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Full Version: Trouble with Sky.fm, DI.fm, JazzRadio
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Hello, I just can't seem to get sky.fm, di.fm, or the jazz plugin working. Sky.fm and those big beautiful icons were something I really loved about xbmc! Now to hear sky.fm on xbmc, I have to search through the shoutcast addon. I'd really like to get this issue fixed. I've tried a clean install, with removal of my userdata folder. I keep getting script errors when I run the sky.fm, di.fm, or jazzradio plugins. I'm running the latest frodo stable build on windows xp sp3. Thanks!

My log file: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=64162
I've just realized that the problem isn't only on XMBC. I can hardly access those three sites from Chrome, either. It's hit and miss. Sometimes it'll load the main screen, then just not play a stream for me. Then it might just as easily not load the main screen on those three music sites. I really don't know what's up. I've tried disabling firewalls from my router, modem, and windows. Even if it made a difference, it soon starts denying access again. Huh
Sky.fm and JazzRadio add-ons work for me... just tried listening to at least a half dozen stations each without issue. I don't have Digitally Imported add-on, so can't comment on it.
Yeah, I've decided it's not an XBMC issue, as the plugins work fine at my girlfriend's house on her laptop. They just don't seem to work on my computer at my house. I think something in my router is keeping them from loading, but I've never added them to any blocklist. I can't access them on my wired pc or on phone through wifi on my network. Hopefully, I'll get the router issue sorted soon and get back to the music.