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Full Version: list, big list, media info, still can't see show titles
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i have long show titles, like this:

CH4 Grand Designs Collection 5 6 of 10 16 century farmhouse

"list", "big list" and "media info" are only able to show

CH4 Grand Designs Collection 5 6 o

so unless the awful "scroll titles" option is set I can't see the actual names of files. In almost all naming conventions I use, the most important data in a file name is at the right-hand end of the string, and the least important data is on the left hand end of the string. This maintains file name ordering.

Would it be possible to implement any of the following?
  • Crop to the left, rather than the right (as an option similar to the "scroll titles" option)
  • make "big list" actually different to "list" - at the moment it simply makes the list titles taller but does not show any more information
  • hard wrapping in "big list" - force line breaks if the text does not fit
  • have a setting to reduce the font size