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I've been thinking about a sports equivalent to the movie/tv/audio DB sites; and all praise to zag who's assisted me so far.

Having done a little searching around XBMC forums, I have found the odd sport scraper, but always tailored for a particular discipline. I envisage a DB that can scraper various sport metadata; info, images, etc. I don't have a complete list yet, but will be open to any and all suggestions of what to scrape.

This is just a dream I have at the moment, and am first wanting to guage a user base. With enough interest I'll attempt to put together some pieces to make this a reality, so by way of reply, if this appeals, please let me know.


Many thanks to the developers who have put in all their hard work to create what we have available now, without them there'd be nothing. A big shout out to all the contributors too; some of which are also the devs! Without you, we'd have nothing but an empty to shell.


Here is the current components being worked on:

Site by Zag
Centre by enen92
Scraper by peter0123
please count me in as an interested party. this would be a very welcome addition.
To start any kind of community site like that you are going to need a fair few passionate users who can contribute first.

Basically I just don't think the interest is there for a crowd sources sports site yet (too many different sports around the world).

Maybe in the future though Smile
You're not wrong! In which case I'll use it as a learning exercise, if it actually gets anywhere I'll post it; a "build it and they'll come" perspective Wink
To be honest there was no real need for an audio site until Allmusic and Last.fm started messing around and restricting access.

ESPN is probably the best source for sports scores at the moment.
I'll use it as a learning exercise in site building, no harm. Ironically though, I want information of the BTCC, ESPN doesn't know anything about it! Smile
See if you can find any sites offering an XML or JSON API, that would be useful in automatically filling out information.

I see recently that the Premier League lost its copywrite case on fixtures and results. This makes a site much more likely in the future.
I'm looking this same feature too. Sports I'm interested in are: NASCAR, Nationwide, WTCC, BTCC, DTM, and MOTOGP. Other sports would be a bonus I guess.

For those wanting to preserve a library of sports, I expect an NFO file would be very simple and relatively easy to maintain.

However I don't wish to form a library, I download all the sporting events at the weekend, and watch them throughout out the week before deleting them.

That said, when I come to watch it, I'd love for the information and artwork to be scraped for me. Creating an NFO and then deleting the event days later makes no sense.

A simple TVDB setup would work well. I have no programming skill, but I have ample of time to populate all forms of sporting event, regardless of interest.

I just wanted to put a separate note that as a temporary solution I'm going to put the events on TVDB. Even while is not technically allowed.

Title: History of British Tracks, BBC1, S2013E1 - Brands hatch.

once it's scraped just change the title in XBMC to BTCC. I guess fan art can either be on TVDB or locally scrapped.

Currently I have a playlist on my xbmc homepage tab called SPORTS, which sub playlists called BTCC, NASCAR etc, with there own artwork. however there is no episode information scraped.
I would love to see something like this as well, I have a lot of NHL games that I would like to have in my library on XBMC.
Find a good source for the scores and I might be able to magic something up Wink
I would start at NHL.com, but beyond that, I wouldn't know where to look since I don't know what I'm looking for.

I would start at nhl.com, but I wouldn't know where to look or what to look for.
Possibility - if someone is good at scraping are the sports reference sites.


Or possibly here, but it's a subscription service.

Wow American football is complicated Smile
Here is one for Hockey
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