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Full Version: remove search from home menu
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is there anyway to remove the "search" option from the main navigation bar? considering theres a menu to search at the top having to instances of the search seems like a waste of space, Id rather just use the search button at the top and keep the main bar un cluttered if possible.
Disable the Global Search add-on.
YAY! I love how all my issues with this skin have been simple fixes! Thanks!
That's my mistake. You should be able to hide the search home button from Skin Settings>Home Menu.
I will add it on the next update.

(2013-10-02, 22:14)artrafael Wrote: [ -> ]Disable the Global Search add-on.

but if you do that, you wont be able to use the SEARCH feature at the top of the screen :/
Better wait for the update from nessus then.
This was driving me nuts so I went in and manually changed it in my environment. You can remove Search from the top menu by removing or commenting out the following two blocks in the Includes_Home.xml file. However I would recommend waiting if you can.

<control type="label">
<animation effect="fade" start="100" end="70" time="200" tween="sine" easing="in" condition="!Control.HasFocus(211)" reversible="true">Conditional</animation>
<animation effect="zoom" start="100" end="94" time="200" tween="sine" easing="in" center="auto" condition="!Control.HasFocus(211)" reversible="true">Conditional</animation>


<control type="button" id="211">
</control> -->