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Full Version: Playlists on alt home menu (bug)
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There is a bug in the skin settings that mixes up playlist types when you try to set a home menu item for the alternative home screen. Opening a video playlist shortcut on the alt home screen will use the window for the music library (10502) rather than the video library (10025). This will affect the context menu and the default onclick action.

This problem bugged me to no end since I had made a placed a playlist on the home screen to show movies in progress. It would show the movies correctly but when opened it would just start from the beginning instead of resuming.

Workaround solution:
Edit guisettings.xml, find the erroneous CustomHomeItem_% path and change the window ID from 10502 to 10025.

<setting type="string" name="skin.xeebo.CustomHomeItem_4.Path">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;special://userdata/playlists/video/Movies in progress.xsp&quot;)</setting>

Suggested bug fix:

PlaylistAction is a string in guisettings.xml.

<setting type="string" name="skin.xeebo.PlaylistAction">ActivateWindow(10502,&quot;</setting>

But this string is again set by Custom_55_YesNo.xml, which asks the user whether to display the playlist or to play the playlist. This again sets PlaylistAction to ActivateWindow(10502) or to PlayMedia(). So if I understand this correctly there would have to be some conditional logic in this file to set the right window ID depending on playlist type, but I'm not experienced enough to implement that. I'd suggest splitting PlaylistAction into two strings, PlaylistActionMusic and PlaylistActionVideo and setting the correct window ID depending on which is used. That would involve changing Custom_54_Set_Item.xml and Custom_55_YesNo.xml to use the new strings.

Feedback would be welcome, I have no experience with skin development.