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Full Version: Debian Jessie - Minimal
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Hello everyone,

So I'm running debian jessie/testing minimal, since wheezy doesn't have the right libc6 for garbear's xbmc, and I'm having a hard time automounting usb drives. Anyone know how this is done? I've installed all the dependencies when compiling xbmc retroplayer, but I still can't automount usb drives. Is there something I'm supposed to do? I've heard about udev rules and hal and a buch of other stuff, but I'm curious, how did any of you solve this issue? I know there is a script for ubuntu users that automatically installs xbmc; however, that doesn't install garbear's fork nor does it work for debian because of the ppa system and other things that may be specific to ubuntu. Any debian users that have been through a similar situation and were able to figure this out?

Also on another note, does xboxdrv work with garbear's fork of xbmc? I usually set xboxdrv --silent --mimic-xpad --force-feedback, which seems like it would work but I was wondering if anyone has tried it.

I'll appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
can you try getting official xbmc alpha7 or alpha8 working first? if the official version works and the retroplayer release doesn't, then i'm happy to help
I am testing this version of xbmc and xboxdrv is working in the way you described with Jessie.

I haven't implemented USB automount yet but there are some packages that do that in the repos - not in xbmc.