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Full Version: 32bit Linux Emultators
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I noticed that I still cannot installed the 32bit emulator add-ons is this something that is going to be fixed or is retroplayer going to change how they are handled?

yes, these are still broken. i tried uploading the 32bit emulators you sent, but xbmc kept complaining so i gave up for the time being. you can help out by forking https://github.com/garbear/repository.li...ter/addons, placing the .so in a new version folder, and updating meta.xml accordingly (should be relatively straightforward). not sure when I can get around to this otherwise
How are you choosing the version for the folders, just by iteration or from the actual emulator?
the initial version is actually from the emulator. if xbmc had a flexible versioning scheme, i would append a -1 (like x.y.z-1) for build number, but i think we're stuck with x.y.z - o well Smile so i just monotonically increment the last number whenever i want emulators to update themselves
Was the error you were receiving from XBMC the error loading add-on or something different all together?
IIRC it was that they were ELF64 class binaries, but that doesnt make much sense so im not sure Smile my laptop with the repo died and i haven't set up a replacement yet
I updated and compiled the cores from source and now I'm having much better luck. If I install the .so files from your repo the instantly disable and I cannot enable them, if I replace them with the newly compiled I can enable them. The only one still giving me the can't load error is ScummVM which I am working on. I did find an issue in my build system that may have caused some of the issues.

Here is a zip file with all the cores: