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TMM kindly asks for your help.

If you like it, and have some minutes spare time left, please join us on Weblate, to aid us in translating TMM.
This is a great and easy way to give something back to the community Smile
Everybody welcome - thanks for participation!

Current status (v3):

If you need some help, or have any questions, feel free to post here Smile
Hi myron. I want to help to translate tynymediamanager into Spanish, but the first problem I've found is not as tinymediamanager test on what I have translated. Might you help me out.

Thanks in advance

PD: I speak English but not much. I'm sorry but I'm not using google translate to write.
First of all, thanks for helping us in translating Smile
You already did more than the half - great!

And yes, you are right - the translation is not used directly in TMM.
It's only added upon release (for now)

To get it working on your side, just download the file (a simple plain text file)
and copy it into your TMM application directory into "/locale" folder (rename to "messages_es.properties")
After a restart, it should be detected automatically and changeable in GUI settings....
I have just requested italian language, i don't use any media manager but i'll translate TMM with pleasure.
thanks you guys are doing a great job and continue. Tongue
almost completed but for strings 131, 223, 402, 425, 222 and 429 i have an error on transifex that said:

Error: The number %s is present in the source string but not in translation.

where is "number %s" in that strings??

here a shot:

great Smile

yeas, seems to be an issue on transifex side.
I've seen that on my own too sometimes.
Just ignore Smile
Ok, so for the moment it's all!! Nod

I've made some translation in french
Great, thank you all guys! Smile

Could you all please check once again, and try to remove some more "white spots"?
We are preparing a release the next day(s)... and what's in, is in Smile
I would like to translation TMM in Chinese,i love it
chinese translation is complete!
Great, thanks Smile
Hi myron I still canĀ“t see my latest updates in translations TMM always loads translations default on boot. I also would be interesting to have the latest builds so I can test the progress of the translation.

you should have already received some info vie PN Wink
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