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Full Version: [RELEASE] HomeControl Script for Homeseer and X10
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this is currently only supporting homeseer servers.

i may add support for other types of home controls in the future. not sure when/what yet. post suggestions and also pointers to information on it like systems calls and such. must be able to be controlled via python using http post/get calls or something non-proprietary.

please post or email any bugs you find.

updated to v1.6.0    - on 01/31/2006

read the readme.txt for the full xbmc & homeseer setup.

current version will be posted here:
homecontrol script package 1.6.0

58 views but no responses... interesting.

please let me know if you are using this script. i made it mostly for myself but if others are getting use i will post updates here, if not i will not waste my time and the forums electrons.


major bug fix tonight. devices were not triggering at all. oops!

i fixed it and in the process streamlined things a bit to increase speed.

see link on first post for download.
hehe... you realize that you are making a third party extention for a home automation server which runs on a homebrew media center that only works on a modified xbox? don't expect it to be the biggest market in the world Wink things like this you make mostly for yourself but then there are those few for which it fills a desperate need and makes it all the better, hopefully a couple of them are registered.

anyway congrats on the release! don't forget to upload it to xbmcscripts.com Smile
i know... but i also know there is at least 1 other on the forum that uses homeseer. hs is the most widely used ha diy software on the market so you never know.

i was just amazed at the # of views without a single comment.

i will prep it for xboxscripts once i read over the reqs for upload and register an acct.

during the week sometime.
hehe yeah, this script is definetely for a small audience.

great work man i really like it and it was very simple to set up.

here are a few things that i had trouble with:

1. its not easy to see if the light is on or off because of the small size of the lightbulb icon in xbmc.

2. it would be nice if you could omit some devices off of the list. i have motion sensors showing and network devices showing up on my list.

things i would love to have added (which im sure your workin on):

1. dimming
2. seperate on and off switches just like in the web control
3. bigger/different icons

i really like this script and its a very nice alternative to an ir543 when using the xbox.
right now i have one sitting on top of each xbox.
i'm glad it is of use to you!

everything you mentioned is in the works...

current to-do list order

1) filtering devices
2) display of true dim levels
3) better icons (ties to #2)

then i will work on a more complex direct dim interface (this will take a while since i'm far from a python guru!Wink

... more to come soon!
updated to 1.6.0... check it out!
updated to fix a few small things and reduce image sizes.

if xbmcscripts.com was better i might be able to upload it there but alas... it seems to not be too user friendly and will not let me update my file.

homecontrol script package 1.6.0
great work affini!

:bowdown: :bowdown:

i like that you can now clearly see whether a device is on or off i love the fact that it will tell you the dim level as well.

i was able to eliminate my motion sensors and network devices off of the list!

all thats left now is diming and thats it.

great work!
thanks much for the compliments... my first script and though it took a while, and much help from a few guru's on the forum, i'm getting the hang of python, i think Huh

i will be creating a direct dim scheme in the near future... the biggest hurdle is the way i want to do it would be a total pain to code. so if a cursor is implimented in the gui navigation this would solve the issue for me.

otherwise i will be doing an alternative (less desirable for me personally).

if anyone has suggestions on how to efficiently (i.e. - as few movements and clicks as possible) please post your ideas.
could you not just put in lets say 5 small buttons beside each device.


kitchen lights "off" "33%" "50%" "66%" "on"

and have a little icon appear above the appropriate button if its active. so there would be a list of all the devices with all the buttons beside them and instead of having the icon apear to the left of the device it would appear to the right above the appropriate button..

Stare hrm.. what whould happen if homeseer had it set at like 10% though..

i see where a xbmc volume type slider whould come in handy here :oops:

sure... though easier said then done with python.

i'm interested in this script as well. i have several x-10 devices, and ibm's homecontrol software as well as activehome, but i haven't had a good device to interface with the pc (serial port). what are you using to plug into the xbox?
(orijonl @ feb. 10 2006,13:39 Wrote:i'm interested in this script as well.  i have several x-10 devices, and ibm's homecontrol software as well as activehome, but i haven't had a good device to interface with the pc (serial port).  what are you using to plug into the xbox?
the xbox is connected to the ethernet (tcp/ip) network (i.e. lan).

the python sends all commands over the lan via http to the homeseer server.

i don't know anything about ibm's software or activehome. if it has the ability to receive commands via http i may be able to support it.

if they do not and you want to use this script i'd reccomend getting homeseer. i prefer the old version 1.7 as it is solid and the 2.0 is new and reportedly buggy.

maybe someone will sell you an old version of homeseer cheap too.
Hey Affini,
it seems like every time I start searching for new ways to use XBMC, I find posts from you covering the same topic. I'd love to see your setup once in person Big Grin

I just bought a "little" 32 inch LCD for our bedroom which I'll be setting up this evening. This will be the first time I'll see XBMC in 720p and I'm looking forward to it like a kid before Christmas ! Cool

Anyway, with a new tv and new bedroom furniture I've gotten an interest in X10 stuff and was thinking it would be cool to have some simple light control features available from within XBMC. Based on your posts I'll be looking for some HomeSeer documentation on the web, and if all goes well you'll probably have a new HomeControl "customer" before long.
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