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you will find a full changelog at http://www.tinymediamanager.org/changelog/

from now on, I will put all changes here too
05.10.2013 - version 2.4.1
feature: detect imdb id from file/folder name at import
feature: switched scaling algorithm to imgscalr - is should now use less memory, be faster and the images have a better quality
feature: implemented a new column resizer - the tables for media files/trailer should now have more accurate column widths
feature: option to not renaming a movie into a movie set folder, when the movie set only has one movie
fix: do not overwrite imdb id / tmdb id with empty values when scraping
fix: better messages when renaming does not work
fix: added a warning that TV show episodes with season/episode number -1 (not detected ones) cannot be renamed
fix: added a warning before initializing the database
fix: do not rename movie trailers when the renaming settings are empty
fix: exclude movie set artwork from movie import
fix: do not import windows special dirs (like $RECYCLE.BIN or Volume System Information)
fix: store extrathumbs/extrafanart in the database after download
fix: rebuild image cache now also caches extrafanart/extrathumbs
08.10.2013 - version 2.4.2
- fix: spacer replacement with . went crazy
- fix: ignore invalid IMDB entries
- feature: a little better IMDB movie detection
- feature: video format $F renamer option
- feature: additional TvShow renaming separator
- feature: better explanation why a movie is not scraped
13.10.2013 - version 2.4.3
feature: added video codec / audio codec filter for movies
fix: some enhancements to the search algorithm
fix: some performance improvements for updating datasources
fix: (OSX) mediainfo will now gather data from all files
fix: media information now gathers more audio/text details
fix: an invalid database recovery file no longer prevents tmm from starting
fix: wrapped settings into a scrollpane (tmm window is no longer larger than the screen on small res. devices)
fix: custom genres work as they should (also wrong picked genres are fixed)
fix: failed http requests are no longer cached
20.10.2013 - version 2.4.4
feature: added icons to the menu items
feature: changed our notification system
feature: improved caching of extrathumbs/extrafanart
feature: improvements to the renamer (+new commandline argument -checkFiles)
feature: at single scrape, searches with only 1 result will automatically taken
feature: added context menu with common actions in the movie set panel
feature: selective datasource update for commandline (see http://www.tinymediamanager.org/index.ph...arguments/)
fix: massive rework on our caching system (images should no longer be cut off)
fix: do not cache images in the url cache anymore (they were kinda useless)
fix: set movie year an initial value if deleted in the editor (rather than NULL)
fix: for some users (mainly java 1.6 users) mediainfo was gathering nothing since 2.4.3
fix: better name/year detection in the filename/directory parser
fix: when downloading extrafanart/extrathumb no mediainfo was gathered for them
fix: when renaming a multiepisode file, the episode title will no longer taken into the filename
fix: changed IMDB scraper due to changes the plotsummary page
28.10.2013 - version 2.4.5
feature: when getting only 1 search result at automatic scrape, we assume it is the right one (and take it - ignoring the score)
feature: added update single data source to the menus
fix: on some machines, tmm crashed at startup (using oracle java 8)
fix: samples of TV show episodes will now be renamed to a samples folder
fix: added env.txt for linux users (they can now use mediainfo without drawbacks on non-UTF8 installations)
fix: tweaked import logic and media info parsing (should work better with large libraries)
fix: directory separators in movie renamer file naming will now be ignored
fix: when scraping new items in the TV show section, sometimes the whole TV show has been rescraped
fix: the TV show importer will now recognize also .tbn
01.11.2013 - version 2.4.6
feature: new TV show renamer option: 01x01 format
feature: added a tag for optional tokens {}
fix: added -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true to solve possible networking problems
fix: regression when choosing of local files
fix: reworked actor images (better import performance, jpg/png instead of tbn)
fix: removed www.imdb.de (isn't working anymore - www.imdb.com is taken all the time, including a force to the preferred scraping language)
fix: some graphical changes to the moviechooser

hint for the optional replacement:
{} = optional replacement
eg: {Year $Y} -> "Year 2013" if $Y is not empty
if $Y is empty (or no $x replacement inside) the complete tag is empty
17.11.2013 - version 2.4.7
feature: added configurable scraper threshold (thx to georg)
fix: some performance enhancements to the movie importer
fix: remove set tag from XBMC nfo after removing a movie from a set
fix: more effective scaling of images (out of heap error should be gone)
fix: MovieRenamer/Cleanup: 'thumbs' were ignored/lost in GUI
fix: better certification import from MP NFOs
fix: more enhancements to the imdb scraper (especially for non english speaking users)
fix: minified movie chooser window to fit on smaller screens
fix: better subtitle detection
fix: scrape collection info is now possible without scraping any other metadata
fix: NFO file name/location for DVD/BR folders
12.01.2014 - version 2.5
feature: completely reworked the TV show panel (including a new panel for seasons - http://www.tinymediamanager.org/index.ph...w-section/ )
feature: completely reworked the (movie) filter panel and added a filter panel for TV shows (see http://www.tinymediamanager.org/index.ph...er_panels/ )
feature: added movie filters: datasource, missing metadata, missing artwork, missing subtitles, new movies
feature: added TV show filters: datasource, cast member, missing metadata, missing artwork, missing subtitles, new episodes
feature: added possibility to hide several columns in the movie table
feature: experimental support for AniDB scraper
feature: added fanart.tv for TV shows
feature: added imdb top 250
feature: added producers
feature: added an ASCII cleaner for the renamer
feature: added "bad words" to the movie importer
feature: possibility to get the runtime from media files rather than scraper
feature: added some settings for the TV show renamer
feature/fix: reworked tagging of TV shows and episodes
fix: many enhancements to the "update datasources" and database engine -> tmm is much faster now with large databases
fix: some fixes and preventions to the "update datasources" engine
fix: many memory optimizations (tmm now uses less memory)
fix: when renaming an actor, the actor thumb also gets renamed
fix: several issues/problems with the renamer
fix: artwork naming for DVD/BR images
fix: adapted scaling factor of the tmm window - now it should fit on lower screens nicely
fix: crash at startup with invalid locales
fix: crash when searching for a movie set is fixed with themoviedbapi 3.9
fix: NFO parsing of xbmc-youtube plugin urls
fix: externalized some more string (better translations)
fix: several fixes to the TV show renamer
translations: added spain (thx to roliverosc), italian (thx to peppe_sr), korean (thx to piodio), norwegian (thx to roandr); completed fr (thx to nerve)
14.01.2014 - version 2.5.1
x fixed a problem where mediainfo could not be loaded
x fixed a database loading problem
07.02.2014 - version 2.5.2
+ added a lightbox effect, when clicking on an artwork in the movie/movie set/tv show panel (see http://www.tinymediamanager.org/index.ph...-lightbox/)
+ updated mediainfo libs
+ (movie) when removing the last movie from a movie set, the movie set is also removed
+ (movie) added filter for certifications
+ (movie) added option to fall back to another scraper when not search result has been found
+ (TV show) added episodeguide to the TV show nfo
+ (movie) added languages (spoken languages) to the nfo
+ (TV show) added function to rename complete seasons
+ (movie) added double click event (in the table) to open the movie editor
+ (movie) added a better unwatched logo
+ added comments to the NFO
+ added movie filename to the movie chooser dialog (for better support of multi movie dirs)
x when renaming TV shows, some episode paths still pointed to the old path
x sometimes changing movie/TV show artwork wasn't updated internally
x better renaming of TV show disc images
x improved performance when removing multiple movies
x some inconsistances with linking of movies and moviesets
x in movie/TV show chooser - prevent strange behaviour when changing the scraper while another search is active
x added producers also to the nfo
x changed TV show - certification settings (thetvdb only provides US certs..)
x prevent some exceptions when renaming/filtering TV shows
x parsing of multi movie dirs
x wrong saving of the tmdb id since 2.5.1
19.02.2014 - Version 2.5.3
+ activated SWT loading for all platforms (see http://www.tinymediamanager.org/index.ph...er-dialog/ ). To activate the native file dialogs, put the proper swt.jar for your system from the eclipse project into the lib folder
x some crashes within the TMDB scraper
x a database inconsistency with renamed episodes (if you still have some weird behavior with TV shows, try to remove and readd the TV shows)
x sometimes artwork did not get downloaded/displayed
x display high res fanart before the thumbs in the artwork panel
languages: added russian (incomplete)
04.03.2013 - Version 2.5.4
There was a nasty bug in an external library with version 2.5.3 which caused our internal database to become corrupted. We've added some recovery functions, but there could be data which is lost. You can either

A) take a backup file from the backup folder inside tmm (the last one before 19.02.2014)
B) start over with a new database by deleting the old one (menu Tools -> initialize database and rescan/update all your data sources.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug!

x improved the TVDB scraper: the scraper provides better results and is not searchable with the TVDB id
x fixed correct loading of swt.jar on all platforms
x added slovenian language for the scrapers
x fixed display of trailers in the table (in conjunction with a downloaded trailer)
x fixed resizing behavior of the movie chooser dialog (buttons disappeared)
x fixed a crash when writing NFOs
x fixed a crash when canceling the movie chooser
x compress database backups (to save space)
x ignore more special files for Mac OSX (beginning with ._)
x tweaked our HTTP interface to provide better results for slow connections
x removed episodes now also disappear from the season list
x fixed a crash when writing NFOs
x fixed a crash when canceling the movie chooser
x compress database backups (to save space)
x ignore more special files for Mac OSX (beginning with ._)
x tweaked our HTTP interface to provide better results for slow conntections
x removed episodes now also diappear from the season list
24.03.2014 - version 2.5.5
+ enhanced writing of certification to the XBMC NFO
x fixed media info loading problems for some users (JNA update to 4.1)
x fixed a bug where an invalid config.xml prevented tmm from starting
x fixed a bug when building the TV show tree
x fixed a bug where some settings got lost when updating
x fixed writing of the watched flag to the XBMC TV show episode NFO
06. Sept. 2014 - Version 2.6

Our donators are now able to register their tinyMediaManager copies to unlock special features as a “Thank you” for their support. http://goo.gl/L8G5BB

! trailer downloading (donator feature) (http://goo.gl/hozk18)
! Trakt.tv integration (donator feature) (http://goo.gl/WNEzsG)
! Movie renamer preview (donator feature) (http://goo.gl/PS50MF)
! automatically add existing movies to movie sets (donator feature)
+ bigger UI rework (http://goo.gl/3wy3gL)
+ configurable font and font size
+ preserve unsupported XML tags (from other tools) in NFO files
+ extra artwork (banner, CD art, clearart, ..) is now available for movies and movie sets
+ new threading model: you can now queue different tasks; display open tasks (http://goo.gl/yFGtPq)
+ preview of images in the image chooser (http://goo.gl/kIFaKJ)
+ smart scrape: if there is no result from automatic scrape a manual scrape will pop up
+ NFO enhancement: multiple IDs (from several meta data providers) will be stored
+ option to set the preferred media player
+ able to play trailers
+ trailer preferences (which one to automatic choose for NFO)
+ delete works now with deleting physical files (moving to backup folder)
+ ignore some Mac specific files on searching hdd/network shares
+ language updates
+ hotkeys for menu and other functions
+ improved season and episodes parser
+ several enhancements to the TV show renamer
+ show artwork from the media file panel in lightbox
+ export for TV shows basically done
+ more filter options for TV shows
+ media source management (http://goo.gl/cE62xb)
x fix occasional database inconsistencies
x fix TvShow rename in command line
x fix an occasional crash when choosing artwork
x empty url cache from broken/unreadable HTTP responses
x better integration of the year to the result score calculation
x filter duplicate results from ofdb
x prevent audio streams from being added multiple times
x detect stacking markers with leading zeros
x import of watched state from XBMC NFO
x thousands of various fixes and stabilization from past half year Smile
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