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Full Version: Will confluence get 3d icons?
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Just a quick question, i scanned the forum a bit but nothing came close (except for the, hack here and hack there solutions)

Will confluence support some kind of 3d icon with movies it detect as "3d" i know you can add 3d-sbs or similar naming convention to the files, but since gotham detects the files correctly there should be no need to call the files that (my assumption, correct me if i am wrong)

For example, my movies in the list view has "HD" next to the items, would be nice if that would be "3D" instead (since one can assume again that 3d movies are usually 720p = HD or higher)
I've seen people change the settings to get an icon, just like they have with "blueray" logo's and all, but that is a different view.

Just wanting to know what might be the feature, if these things will be there too. Since the 3D support in gotham really looks sharp, props to the team for that.
I'd like to see this feature too although I don't need it until when (if?) XBMC starts supporting multistream video files.

What I'd like to do is mux both my 2D and 3D video streams into the same MKV file so I only have only entry (and file) in the library for a certain movie, not one for 2D and another for 3D.

I hope the missing 3D video flag icon feature you're talking about works for multistream too.