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Full Version: Update movie library error with Filmdelta scraper
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When i update my movie library with the scraper "Filmdelta", it adds "movies" that does't exists. If then choose Movieinformation and looks in the bottom where the search path to the movie normaly can be seen it shows in example videodb://1/2/45, why is this "movie" added?
You may want to do a "Full edit" on your post and add "Filmdelta" to the title so the author of this scraper will be more likely to spot it. I already moved this to the Metadata scrapers subforum to improve the odds of the author seeing this.
Thanks for the tips, hope it helps.
Hi! I found i similular problem in this link on the forum.
I didnt know how to solve it as they did with editing the databade but i tested to reinstall XBMC on my computer and so far i dont get the error.