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Full Version: MadCatz Mojo
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Tegra 4 box hitting the market soon, will xbmc be running on this? is tegra 4 any significant faster than tegra 3?

It's stock Android nothing custom so in theory it should run assuming people have been running XBMC on Tegra 4 tablets. T4 hardware is faster than the older T3 by quite a bit.

Bit pricey though for an Android box at $250 for what it offers, the hardware is nice for sure but as a media streamer for XBMC there can be a different set of priorities like does XBMC run full screen on the device, does it have the proper licensing for Android audio pass-through, it only comes with a gamepad no media remote control (not everyone wants to use a gamepad to control XBMC).

It has an SD card slot and the T4 might work out for those who want XBMC with higher res skins.
$250.... hahahahahah, oh god my sides
Yeah. Those T4 boxes are wayyyy too pricey just for an XBMC box (and even for games, imo)
However, If you buy them to actually play games, they *should* run XBMC fine, but don't expect anything more than a T3.
starstream and kouying, thx for answers! Well i guess since it´s not any significant upgrade to the T3, its not worth it.

Really liking the android´s fastcomming as little media players!
it does say it can do mpeg2 and vc-1, can anyone confirm this?