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Full Version: Android version ?
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Just wondered if there is plans to release an android version as it's written in Java ? There really is a need for a portable media manager
a portable media manager would have some potential "problems"

-) memory (tmm can use a lot memory on a big database and will use a lot of memory while rendering/caching images)
-) media access (how would you access media from a tablet? afaik smb via wifi isn't state of the art with tablets)
-) media info (mediainfo lib is native an there is no arm version)
-) UI (tmm uses swing for UI drawing - which is different in android)
-) time & know how Tongue

you see there are some problems which will prevent us from building an android version.

We might think of a server/client infrastructure (android version is only the client which will display the data from a server instance) - but that will definitely not be in the near future

Well I access samba networks from my Google nexus using a variety of software and I'm currently browsing using a plugin for android total commander as we speak so I think this has developed further than it used to. As regards memory and cache I see your point but it's not dissimilar to the way plex for android works,, but obviously that brings to a client / server state as you suggest.

You have the ground work already by coding effectively natively for android using Java. However point taken on mediainfo lib would be a major stumbling block.

It's a shame as now, on my tablet, I can download, copy and even play new media using sabnzb and plex or xbmc remotely from wherever I am but cannot index the files like I can on my laptop using windows. There's currently nothing that resembles ember or your program available and I do see mobile tablets and phones replacing computer operations somewhat in the future.
iirc smb access is provided by several apps - not the OS. So we would need to include this some way...
Nevertheless are there different arguments against a naitve app. But a client - server design would be theoretically possible

btw: I do not think tablets/smartphones will abandon "real" PCs soon Tongue I've got both of them, but I do work more at my PC (even netbook), because I am much more effective on a real machine Wink
Sorry I meant for the end user tablets and high end smart phones are increasing in popularity and many will not see the need to use a conventional laptop / computer in the future. I still use my laptop too but self contained apps are the future and even Microsoft have identified this as progressive.

Yes agreed a server / client application is likely the solution as it's easy then to make a more cross platform application. I'm in awe of plex and it's android client implementation is very clever.

Anyway hopefully someone will look to a media manager solution in the future as I do feel it's needed and would prove very popular. In the meantime keep up the outstanding work you are doing.