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Full Version: Way force-update all Album Art? (XBMC is not getting any)
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I recently installed XBMC on my HTPC. I got my media streamimg over SFTP from my computer. Everything works fine except for the Music Album Artwork. In, the Music Settings, I set it to download media information when the library is updated, but it only downloads info for one or two albums (if any) when I update my library. I tried using the cdART plugin and did a "Automatic Album Artwork" download, and I could see it downloading every individual album (it took some time; 283 albums), but when I went back to the Music section, there was still only a little artwork.

I am using the Universal Album Scraper and am quite happy with it's results on the other computer where the album art is working. I really don't want to have to switch it.

Is it because I am using SFTP?

I know it's not the metadata or tags or name of my albums and artist because I have this working fine on another XBMC installation on another computer. I also don't want to have to manually do every single album (again, it's 280+).

Any help is appreciated! Big Grin

XBMC 12.2 (Frodo)
Ubuntu 13.04 32-bit
Samsung NP-N310 Netbook
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Try millhousevh's great utility

Thanks so much! This looks like an awesome script. I'll try it this weekend.

  1. I will change the properties (I am using a different port). I assume profiles don't matter, as the Web Server/Control operates per profile.

  2. I will run:
    ./texturecache.py nc
    To make sure that it is correctly find my media.

  3. Then:
    ./texturecache.py c
    To cache all of the artwork

  4. And if it still hasn't worked, I'll try:
    ./texturecache.py C
I will record my results here afterward.
or the simpler approach, at the expense of reload time, would be just delete the textures.db, right? Could also consider importing the library from the other XBMC machine.
I have no clue about the textures.db file, but importing from the other machine is ruled out because 1) One machine uses a direct USB drive and the other uses SFTP. 2) While this probably has less of an effect, one is Ubuntu and the other is Windows (C:\ and / are the same paths, but different on DOS and Unix).
Well, when I ran the script I had accidentally turned off my SFTP server, and it cleaned my library (removing my music). When I added it back though, all of the info and album art loaded fine. A simple answer!