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Full Version: Eden ATV1 couple of issues need some help Figuring it out.
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Running on an ATV1 over original apple os, with crystal hd bcm70015. loving it. works great for my purposes.

Really love this skin, its my favorite. Here are my issues, nothing big, all cosmetic but bugs me nonetheless.

I use file mode and not library mode in case this is related. I have my sources setup as separate items for my organization purposes, I.E. TV shows source, Movies source, Kids movies source, Kids shows source.

I have all the items content set correctly.

My issues are as follows and hoping to get it going.

1. Season thumbnails for each season folder do not show. - I could copy the thumbnail to each folder and rename from: I.E. season01-poster.jpg to folder.jpg in each season's respective folder, which I am ok with if need be if that will show the season folders with their thumbnail image. This works great for my movies folders so I would think it would work for the season folders but would love to have it automated..

2. On the home screen I have my favorites which are the source folders mentioned above, the custom items has those favorite items there and the icon is visible in the custom item window when selecting the item to add to the custom list. it does not show the icon, just a picture of a heart. I have changed the icon size and type to .png files and still does not show the icon. worked fine in a previous version of xeebo.

3. TV shows recently added episodes. would like to use the tv show poster image or season image not the episode thumbnail which is just a random picture clipped from the episode. I saw a thread where someone had theirs showing this and they wanted it the other way. I modified the xml file but it made no change, though I have not rebooted xbmc yet since making that change so maybe it worked....

I use a mysql database for the system which so far is working great. though some of my shows have a watched status flag set that wont go away even though I have not watched them it is no biggie.

I prefer to use file mode versus library mode so I wont be using library mode myself, because I prefer to have my son just be able to select his folders and play his shows/movies. it also keeps it wife simple so she can use it easily, which as you can imagine keeps me quite headache free. Smile

I use VImediamanger to scrape my shows and movies which does a fantastic job, especially when I have it update the episodes lists for new episodes.

Any ideas on how to work through these minor issues I am having?


Item 1 - I was able to get the season thumbs to show by copying them to each resepctive season Folder and naming them folder.jpg. Now I see the seasons on the folders. for the show I tested on.

Item 2 is resolved. Found the location of the thumbnails in the guisettings.xml in my userdata folder. made the changes and now they show up as expected

Item 3 - no go. but now I dont even see episode thumbnails so I am resetting that back to how it was.... will see what happens after