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Full Version: music playback m4a format
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hello forum friends I'm new using the xbmc would like to know if I can help I have a large collection of music and 20% of the music that I have this m4a audio format is the format used by Apple for music that sells me know if there are ways that the blind reprodusca xbmc music files if any plugins to and play music to me is that one of the possibilities is comvertir the songs that I have in the comvertirlas m4a to mp3 format but we're talking 20% ​​comvertir over 40 thousand songs would appreciate if I could help thanks
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I can play m4a in XBMC. I have no need to convert the files. Have you tried playing the m4a files in XBMC? If you have and it is not working turn on debugging and attach a log when you try to play a m4a file http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=debug%20log
si los he tratado de reproducirlos pero no se reproducen se salta a otra archivo