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Full Version: Channel Switching real slow in XBMC, in ARGUS itself fine. Why?
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I am running an HTPC (Core I5, 8GB internal, 64GB SSD) with XBMC Frodo 12.2, SKIN AEON and have installed the MQ5 expansion.
Most of it is working , besides the TV guide. But that is not the current question.
Thing is that switching a channel may take more than 10 seconds.

If I switch the channel in Argus itself this is done in about 2 seonds. Why?

Known issue with XBMC unfortunately - see the Mediaportal sub section on these forums, margro has posted a build which gives some improvement if you are using windows.
Is it faster in linux (ie Openelec)?[/align]
On linux with Mythtv + the latest mythtv add on code channel changes range from 2-4 seconds.

If you mean from a Linux client with argus then I doubt it will be any faster.
I've found that using Margro's XBMC build fixes this issue completely. Get it here and install it over your current XBMC installation.

Direct download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7249985/xbmc/xbm...margro.exe

Worked for me.
I don't know what's been done in Gotham, or whether it's ArgusTV itself, but in the Gotham Beta 3 running whatever the latest Argus version is (2.2.2 I think), channel changes (for HD are about 5 second for the first one and 2-4 seconds thereafter. Massive improvement and puts it in line with MythTV in linux as mentioned above.

Note, my machine is a little i3 1.4GHz, 4GB RAM so way down on the specs of the OP.
I was also fine with latest gotham but since I tried margro builds I'm damn faster now under 1 sec changes witch is near perfect.