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Full Version: Share social help
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I'm very new to xbmc
started it just 2 days ago
i want to post and read facebook status and stuff nothing too fancy
i gotthe media stuff all done and its great

I got the facebook media addon all set up but it only shows the media(photos vids etc)
so i thought sharesocial is the thing i need. I tried to add twitter but i get share.py error
and i added my facebook account and when i post status update i get a sharing failed error in target()function

plz help

here is the log

(MOD EDIT: Removed log contents pasted directly in post)
Please do not paste log contents directly in post. Instead, please upload your debug log (wiki) to a public paste site such as www.xbmclogs.com and post the assigned URL here.
sorry i didn't know

here is the log

plz help me i really like the xbmc software i just need to know how to get social share to work
could some plz give me a hand?
i'm not good with codes so i couldn't understand the log but plz help me out or direct me to some one who can
Please be patient. These forums have an international audience, so you should wait at least 24 hours to give people from around the world an opportunity to at least view your post before you "bump" it. Thanks.
Sorry about that. Never meant to "bump" it just really psyched with all the new experience of xbmc. Really awsome. Can't believe i never saw it
judging by the error in the log, it can't find the mechanize module.

install it and see if that helps:
I did what ronie said but still it does the same
I tried to update FB status it gave the same error
I tried adding my twitter account it gave an error

here is the log
it's not the same error, the addon now errors as it fails to renew the oauth token.

you should post your logs in the sharesocial thread: