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Full Version: VNSI4 and IPTV HD Streams
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So I have VDR 2.1.1 with VNSI and IPTV plugins working on Ubuntu Raring pretty well with XBMC Gotham Alpha 8 on windows. I'm using the IPTV plugin to stream all my cable channels from an HDHomeRun Prime.

SD channels are flawless, but all my HD channels are horribly pixelated and sound drops in and out, but the stream works fine through VLC on my wndows machine.

My question is, could the problem with the HD channels be hardware related? VDR is installed on a low end Atom 230 1.60GHz with 945GC chipset. Or is something wrong with my configuration? Before I upgrade my hardware, I want to know if there is anything else I can do to get HD channels running smoothing.
If you provide a debug log, we can get more info out of this.

I have XBMC + vdr running on a Atom D2700 machine and all HD channels work perfectly.
There seems to be a problem with pat/pmt on the HD channels:
VNSI: VideoInput: no pat/pmt within timeout, falling back to channel pids

Can you provide a 1 minute vdr recording of a HD channel (ideally channel 6 which we see in your log)?
Sure. Looks like the vdr recording has the corruption too. streamdev plugin also gives me corrupt HD channels.

vdr recording: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ylf0uy00dvit6tt/00001.ts

Here is a dump directly from the HDHomerun prime's http service: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nekq1t3ms4ycwj...Homerun.ts
That file looks fine so I'm thinking it might be the iptv plugin causing issues, but I don't know how to debug that.

line in channels.conf:

USA HD;IPTV:30:S=0|P=0|F=HTTP|U=|A=5004:I:0:6601=2:6602=@4:0:0:550:0:0:0
Did you set StandardCompliance in setup.conf to ATSC?
Yup, StandardCompliance = 1

This fixed audio in my SD channels.
I know from other users that vdr + vnsi works in ATSC areas with HD channels. So I guess the problem is the IPTV plugin which seems to eat the original pat/pmt.
Your sample (original) has muxed closed captions into the video stream private data. If you don't have the information (coded in pmt) those private data is left into the video stream and makes the decoder fail.
You're right, I suspect the IPTV plugin is corrupting the stream somehow. I will try better hardware in case my CPU is choking on the HD file. I couldn't tune to any encrypted channels on my cable card with vdr and dvbhdhome driver, so I'm using the http service on the homerun prime that streams .ts files for each channel already decrypted. But I need the IPTV plugin to capture those. Thanks for looking into it for me.
I think my assumption in the last post was wrong. I studied A/53 spec and closed captions are transported in user data extension of video. This has its own start code and decoder should not fail.
Maybe your are right and there are just some packets missing in the stream.
I know this post is old, but i have been trying to get VDR IPTV plugin to work with my prime for 2 days.
Can you please tell me where I get this info:

USA HD;IPTV:30Confused=0|P=0|F=HTTP|U=|A=5004:I:0:6601=2:6602=@4:0:0:550:0:0:0

Its the last part "I:0:6601=2:6602=@4:0:0:550:0:0:0" I'm not sure where to get this info for from my HDHomeRun Prime channels.

Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks in advance