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Full Version: hangs when playing specific MP3
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Using 12.2 under Ubuntu. I have many MP3 files, all play with no problem at all.

I have one specific file however that misbehaves. When I attempt to play it I get a few seconds of it playing, then a pause of a few seconds, then a few seconds more etc etc. - kind of like a buffering issue.

If I stop the track, it indeed stops - at which point XBMC stops responding to further commands - I can't navigate the menu structure, or do anything. I have to either kill the XBMC process, or reboot to recover..

Looking at the track itself, it was encoded at 218Kb/s. I re-encoded it to 128Kb/s.. and had exactly the same issue.

Anyone seen anything similar? any hints at what might be causing the issue, so I can avoid it?
can you turn on debug play the file and post a debug log (wiki)
I've posted a log at http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=70402

Let me know if it looks like I've cocked anything up in posting it.

In order to get the problem to occur I have to actually play 2 tracks - track #1 appears to play correctly, track #2 exhibits the problem.

If I re-start xbmc, and play track #2 immediately, it plays correctly.

Let me know if you want me to do any other tests.

In this log I see more than 2 tracks trying to be played can you specify which track is track 1 and which one is track 2 that you are talking about above.
That's the clue I needed! Turns out it was finding a hidden playlist file that was referencing tracks that no longer exist. Quite why this had the effect it did is unknown, but deleting the playlist file did the trick, and stops it from crashing/stuttering

Thanks for the help.