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Full Version: Not adding TV episodes
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I recently did a fresh install on XBMC, and having problems with some shows not being added automatically when it starts up.

Also everytime i try to exit the application i get a runtime error.

xbmc log
Can you upload a second debug log? I want to see if another log also has a problem opening guisettings.xml. If so, that could indicate an issue.

There are other errors that don't seem right, but I don't know enough about them to say what it means alone. I'm hoping it's not some kind of drive corruption. I'm really not sure, though.
New Log

xbmc log
Well, no guisettings.xml error that time, so that's good.

Do your videos also have nfo files next to them? The first log seemed to think so and had problems with them. For example, videos in "smb://WHS/Recorded TV/Fringe/Season 4/" all seemed to have .nfo files, but those files might be incorrectly made, which confuses XBMC. Maybe post the text of one of those .nfo files to pastebin or xbmclogs.com and tell us the URL, so we can see if there's an error with the file.
New Log and NFO file


NFO File

Is there a way to generate nfo files automatically