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Full Version: Where are the configs?
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First off, this project is going fantastic, thanks for the hard work.

But where exactly are the configs? Traditionally, RetroArch front ends support a default global config, with the option of having a config per core that lets you override certain config settings. This way you can tweak each core.

I see that the addon directory has the main config in it (config/retroarch.cfg), but adjusting the video_smooth setting to `false` (which was originally commented out) made no difference.

This leads me to believe that the addon is adding some configs as arguments in the command to launch the emulator cores. Is there any way to change that? Are there any plans to expose these a little better?

I personally hate the anti-aliasing smoothing and any kind of filters. I just want the raw pixels multiplied on the screen to fill the resolution. I'd love to be able to adjust these settings myself.

Thanks! Just trying to figure out how to control this stuff a little better.

ugh. Ok i just realized that addons/emulator.retroarch is NOT part of RetroPlayer and is in fact an addon I found for OpenElec months ago. So, yeah, adjusting that config wouldn't have done anything, lol.

So....where can we adjust the configs for RetroPlayer?