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Full Version: Icecast Script Failure
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I have 3 Windows 7 systems running Frodo 12.2. The Icecast plugin reports a script error every time I try to use it. One system is an upgraded Eden system, one is a test system, and one is a fresh install (a few days ago).

Is there anything in Frodo 12.2 or Windows 7 that would cause this error on all three systems? All my other music plugins work fine.
I just tried this on my Frodo 12.2 system and was able to play 6 random stations without problems. You may want to enable debug logging in XBMC, launch the add-on and when you get an error, examine your debug log (wiki) to see if there's any indication as to why it failed. If you want others here to review your log as well, upload a copy of it to a public paste site such as www.xbmclogs.com and post the assigned URL here.
I uploaded the debug log:
I don't really know how to read it so finding the cause of the failure is beyond me. The failure occurs about 3/4 down the log.