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Full Version: Second Favourites ?
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Great skin-

Is there a way to have a second favourites?

For example i set up a My Menu however i cant click into it and then see all the addons i set up they only show up on the main screen.

I like having the main screen sleek and simple and then clicking into see the addons.

So i have favourites which accomplishes this but i would like to have some sorting capabilities such as making one for audio addons, another for video addons etc ...

Is that possible?
sorry to bump ... anyone Huh

How do you guys manage your add ons? Meaning are they all just sitting in your favorites? or in submenus?

I was hoping i can have several "favorites" for addons that are grouped - such as video add ons in one section, audio etc ... or am i buggin' here?
You can easily create favourites for the Video add-ons, Music add-ons, Picture add-ons, etc. pages.
Thank you for the response -

I know how to make a specific video addon or music addon a favourite - what i am trying to do is a group of favourites. Is that possible?

For example i want a menu on the main screen called something like Vid Addons or something - and when i click into it I have 5 or 6 of my favourite video add ons - know what i mean?
Videos > Video add-ons > open context menu > Add to favourites
This creates a favourite of all your video add-ons. Do the same for music, picture, program add-ons categories.

Or see this add-on to create custom categories for your add-ons: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=154668
thank you very much - I will try that ...

hey on another note - that addons manager - says i can find it in the xbmc repository - in what category? i looked in programs, video, etc ... couldnt find it
System/Settings > Add-ons > Search > enter search word: Categories