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Full Version: MX ATV1200 Android (Sumvision cyclone X2) not working after firmware update
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I bought a Sumvision Cyclone X2 wich is a ATV1200.

I did the Geniatech update as discribed on the Geniatech website: (this because the Sumvision firmware gives a lot of problems).

I did it step by step:


The SPI update did well, after the update I did a reboot (power off), as in the instruction

Now the box does not start up

Anybody an Idea? Can I connect the box to a pc and replace the firmware?
I have the same player and also updated it with geniatech firmware but I used a newer version than what is in your link.


The issue I had is that after the first firmware it would boot but I couldn't install the second firmware because the update application would not see it. So I held in the reset button at the back while plugging in the power supply and then it would boot to recovery. From there I could choose the
new second firmware and install it successfully.

Maybe the reset will work for you too?