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Full Version: script failed: plugin.program.sickbeard
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Hi I have installed the sickbeard addon for xbmc player but get the below error

script failed: plugin.program.sickbeard

anyone any ideas what the issue is?
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

Debug log (wiki)?
hi please dont give up on me when I ask this question

where do I get the log?
Click the link I posted and it will take you to the wiki topic where it explains all.
(MOD EDIT: Remove log contents pasted directly in post)

am I not supposed to post this here?
Please don't paste log contents (especially incomplete log) directly in your post as this creates too much clutter on the forum. Instead, upload the *entire* log to a public paste site such as www.xbmclogs.com and post just the assigned URL to the uploaded log here. You can also use the XBMC Log Uploader add-on to simplify this task. Again, all this is explained in the wiki topic.
apologies sir it will not happen again


is this ok do you think you can help I am almost giving up on this
I take it no one knows how to fix this one? Its a hard one it seems
Have you checked out the thread devoted to this add-on? http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=63591
Yes but it doesn't solve my issue

I will try superrepo maybe its a version issue