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Full Version: Audio Distortion playing anything
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XBMC has been working great on my main Media Center PC so I decided to setup another (older PC) in another room to share the content. Well I got XBMC installed and working on the new PC except the audio sounds like it is being maxed out and is distorting and clipping. This is happening regardless of the audio source (ripped DVD video, MP3s, streaming video, etc.). All of the same sources sound perfect in WMP on the same computer, so it is not a problem with the source.

Using the NVidia software spectrum analyzer while playing the sources through XBMC, it does show all channels being pegged out. While the channels are all in normal range while playing in WMP. I have tried turning down every audio/volume type setting in XBMC to the absolute minimum and still the problem persists even with the XBMC volume at the very lowest -59.3 db setting.

The OS for this PC is Win XP (32bit) SP3
Sound Card is NVidia nForce4 on board audio
Oh I forgot to mention that I also DISABLED the "Boost volume level on downmix" option. Didn't help at all.