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Full Version: Problem hiding text
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Wanted to hide parts of text / dialogs when other dialogs were open but:

SkinSettings.xml doesn't seem to notice that DialogSelect.xml is opened.

DialogFavorites.xml doesn't seem to notice that FileBrowser.xml is opened.

Tried numbers and names, code working in other windows.
using <visible>!Window.IsVisible(selectdialog)</visible> in skinsettings works for me

and <visible>!Window.IsVisible(filebrowser)</visible> in dialogfavourites works as well on my end
I've had to use this instead before -

SkinSettings.xml does respond to:


But not to:


This is fixed by using Window.IsActive(DialogSelect.xml) as Hitcher suggested.

DialogFavorites.xml is also solved, I needed an extra group enclosing everything.

Thnx Smile
The favourites script uses DialogSelect.xml as it's xml base class but it doesn't actually open a select dialog. That's why Window.IsActive(selectdialog) doesn't work and you have to use Window.IsActive(DialogSelect.xml).