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Full Version: How does XBMC cache video info
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HI everyone,

I have a deployment of 15 media centers (XBMC) with a central NAS serving content.

My question is about tagging Movies and TV shows with all their info like poster, rating...etc.

Where is all this info stored? locally on a media center? is it cached forever? does is get released on restart? or does xbmc get the info and images from the internet every time?

If the movie files were in individual folders that contain JPG and xml files representing their data (from 3rd party programs like MyMovies), will xbmc still have to go online and obtain all the information for each movie.

What I am trying to do is get a 15 media center deployment without having each media center spend hours and hours scanning files and getting their information online.

One idea is, if I let 1 media center scan and tag all data, is there a way to export/import the database to all my other 14 media centers quickly and efficiently even if there is no internet connection for the remaining 14 media centers?

Thanks for the help
using mysql you can scan in your media on one machine and it will download the metadata and artwork and then when another machine is running with the same advancedsettings,xml it will sync up with the second machine and copy over the metadata and artwork keeping a local copy on each machine but sync through the mysql database across machines

similar to how cloud storage like google drive or skydrive works with the desktop apps it keeps a copy on the cloud and keeps a copy locally

another thing to do seeing as you have so many xbmc machine is when your media has finished scanning in Export it as Seperate Files in the settings it will copy the artwork of each file to the folder of each file so in each folder you would have for example


this way the files can be rescanned in at anytime quicker than downloading them again as it checks local folders before going online to find that info