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Full Version: How to name special files to match order on TVDB list?
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Doctor who not only has regular episodes, but it has many specials shown between the regular episodes.

I have a single folder with both the specials and the regular episodes inside.

It is pretty much identical to this TVDB list ->


What is the best way to name the files so XBMC will recognize both the specials and episodes in the same order listed on TVDB ?

season 0

so S0E01

list of specials

and use that episode number
Ah. Use those episode numbers. Okay.

1 - Is it okay to keep the specials and episodes in the same folder?
2 - in xbmc, do i classify the folder as "single series"?
3 - Will xbmc be able to sort the specials and episode by airdate so i watch them in order?

as long as they are somewhere in you Doctor Who folder it's fine.

specials will be place in regular seasons according how they are listed on tvdb and also listed as specials season
Okay I'll try it. Thanks.
So I did what you suggested and so far so good. I've got the bulk of files in the order I want. But I just have some fine tuning follow up questions.....

I have 3 webisodes that are not listed on TVDB.

How can I name them so they would appear in the xbmc library between two specific episodes?

Specifically between Special 85 (S00E85) and Episode 13 (S7E13) which appear one after the other in my Library..