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Full Version: Sleep mode playlist?
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Some may find this a strange question, but let me explain. I set up an Ouya for my parents to use, making it as simple as possible for them to use. They like to put movies on, but they almost always fall asleep before the movie is over (they're old, what can I say). The problem is, my father, like me, can't sleep without some background noise. I normally put on a playlist of Simpsons episodes or something to sleep to.

What I was wondering is, can I set XBMC up to automatically play a chosen playlist, on repeat, instead of going to sleep mode?
Hope this makes sense.
What's putting the Ouya into sleep mode, your XBMC power savings setting or is this done at the system level?
I do not have access to the Ouya right now, but I am almost positive the setting is in XBMC.
When the movie is over it stops playback and then the screen dims after a few minutes of non-activity.
If it's done in XBMC, then try modifying or disabling the power savings settings such as screensaver and shutdown function timer. If you still want to use the latter, you can disable it temporarily by selecting "Inhibit shutdown timer" from the shutdown menu (default skin) before settling in for the night so the system stays on.
I am not sure you understand my request. I am trying to get XBMC to start a playlist in place of going into power saving/sleep/screensaver mode.
Putting a movie on repeat is easy enough, but that causes problems when the movie has one or more very loud scenes.
Not sure if it's even possible, but I want XBMC to say "Time to go to sleep, of wait. I should load this playlist instead,
Maybe this screensaver might do the trick? http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=170259
OMG. That's amazing.
I really was ready for the answer "This is not possible"

Will try it out when I visit the folks tomorrow. Thanks artrafael.

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