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Full Version: Incredibly simple grey/blue theme-mod I made.
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For personal use I threw together a ridiculously basic modification of the Blue theme provided in the Bello post first page. I liked the Blue theme but felt the main banner image was both a little artifact-y and too strong. So I took the original main swish file and completely desaturated it plus lowered the opacity significantly. I think this works better with custom backgrounds on the main menu since it is much more subtle and now complements more colors than having a blue or purple swish.

I don't have any screenshots, sorry! I literally taught myself how to extract, modify, and re-pack a theme just today. Nothing is changed from the Blue theme except the main menu swish and it would only take a second to install and check it out for yourself.

You can download the file here: https://mega.co.nz/#!hFdxQBBL!E30UYiqOOX...frGoFLbRqM

To install you just copy the file into .xbmc/addons/skin.bello/media/ alongside the Textures.xbt. Then switch the theme under appearance. Note this doesn't come with the Blue theme text colors bundled in that theme.

Thanks a lot all the devs and modders involved in the work I adjusted! I love Bello. Maybe since I learned some of the basics here I'll consider making more Bello themes but for now, enjoy this!
Interesting, would you post a preview?
A screenshot would be very helpfull.
Yea not downloading until screenshot Sad
Downloaded and installed Great "light" version of the animation. Finally allowed me to use some wallpapers that I could not before due to the original animation being to saturated. Thank you