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same as URL INSTALLER FOUND HERE but for your backup userdata to www.userdatainstaller.com

you need to copy a link to a public zip url and it will auto install the plugin for you

below is how it works the good this is you can create and use a url shortener service so you can either install one plugin at a time or copy your whole setup and install in one

copy all your userdata/addon_data that you want zip it up put on your dropbox public folder

use a URL shortner :

http://tiny.cc/my_userdata_backup (use something that you will never forget) Smile

no need to shh over anymore Smile

GET IT HERE (no GA or Ads Smile )

below is example of urlinstaller but userdatainstaller works the same way Smile

Does this work for your whole xbmc setup, ie skin settings, passwords, addons?