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Full Version: Retina MacBookPro GUI problems
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The problem is that I run the resolution of my MacBookPro Retina on 1920 x 1200 and the problem is the picture....


Only if I change the resolution at 1440 x 900 then I can use it...

Someone got a solution!

Kind regards!
This might (I'm not really sure) be resolved with the upcoming native windowing work.
I'm facing the same issues on a macbook pro retina. First time starting it runs fine, after closing and restarting I get the same resolution error. From there it's very difficult to navigate through the settings and set the resolution correct again.

Only happens on my retina macbook, my girlfriends macbook has no problems. Both are running mavericks.
The MacBook Pro has two GPU's and will automatically switch between them based on power savings and demand. The switch is causing XBMC to fail to detect the resolution properly.

There are two workarounds that I've found:

1. Go into the Energy Saver settings and turning off Automatic Graphics Switching. This is a stable workaround but not ideal in the long-term as it will significantly impact battery life.

2. The second workaround needs to be done every time you launch XBMC, but will allow you to keep Automatic Graphics Switching turned on.
  • Press the right arrow until you see "Settings" appear. You are now on the "System" option.
  • Press Down to select "Settings" and then press <Enter>
  • Now that you are in the settings dialog you are already on the "Video Output" option, so press the right arrow to move into the options.
  • Now press <Enter> which will change you to windowed mode.
  • Press <Enter> again to return to full screen.

This will cause XBMC to re-detect the resolution and this time it should be correct.
Hi Walexand, thanks for the answer! I found the second workaround yesterday by accident. Although it's not ideal but a solid workaround for now. Hopefully it will be fixed permanently in the future.
Second workaround should be able to be achieved faster by hitting "cmd + f" twice ... (switches to windowed mode and back)
Yup. Forgot about the hot keys. Thanks.
Yes, cmd + f is indeed the fastest way, but I hope it will be fixed sometime
could you try


and report back? (beware this is work in progress which might not be ready soon ... just curious if we are going in the right direction).
Nowp, this cause that my MacBookPro Retina get a grey screen and reboots....
wow ... *unexpected*
(2013-11-30, 15:27)BerndVP Wrote: [ -> ]Nowp, this cause that my MacBookPro Retina get a grey screen and reboots....

Any chance to get a crashreporter log for this crash?
Please try the following test builds and report back:



You could also play with this tool which allows to force one of the 2 graphics cards prior starting XBMC (ugly hack).

tried both test builds, no luck. Sad
XBMC still starts in 65k colors.
Let me know if you have other test builds you'd like me to try.
Nope out of ideas now ...
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