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Full Version: Library update automation.
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Have been looking for info on how to set automated library updates but cant find it for the setup I have.

I have the client running on 2 raspberry pi's with xbmc frodo using the same library on a Mysql library database.
The media is on NFS shares on a Synology NAS (1512+)

All the examples I found involve the client being up and running but I would like to have it updated with a remote process/script.

What I would like to accomplish is to have a script running on my NAS (synology 1512+) that scans my media directorys on the NAS and updates the library on the MYSQL database without using the xbmc client.

Is this possible and if so has anyone an example I can use to set this up?

You will need an XBMC client to do this there is no standalone script to do this.
Major bummer!

Is this technically not possible or has nobody made this request before?
Should be possible though, PLEX has that function (although through the plex media server) and is mainly XBMC based.
Yeah XBMC does not use the client/server model like plex so a client is responsible to update the library.
I have made this request for a headless XBMC but I don't think it got much traction.

I have one client on 24/7 so I can send it library updates, it is a low powered device.

As far as I know the MySQL will go away and will be replaced with UPNP DB sharing so we will have to wait and see where that goes.
(2013-11-06, 17:31)Ferno Wrote: [ -> ]Should be possible though, PLEX has that function (although through the plex media server) and is mainly XBMC based.

Plex server has zero XBMC code.
I see, stiil I think it is a missed oportunity, th eoption to run a process to updat ethe library from a diferent device would make XBMC a better product in my opinion.
Now it often updates the library when I do not want it (i know we can adjust this in xbmc auto updater) or to late.

Especially for people running NAS devices this would be a great adition.
There might be a script out there..

There's one for unRAID called XBMC SALUD..

I need this too.. Developers: please help us users out!
I opened a feature request for porting xbmcsalud to synology, you can +1 it if you want: https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/issues/1118