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Full Version: I can't find xbmc.log
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When I look up users/[username] there's no folder named "Library", when I search my computer for "xbmc.log" or "CrashReporter.log" I get nothing. I can email myself the log using the XBMC log uploader program, but I have a crash bug (related to scraping with tvdb). Help?
I am assuming you are using a file browser and not the terminal window.

use this command:

chflags nohidden ~/Library


When in the Finder, if you hold down the "alt/option" key and pull down the Go menu, Library appears in the list of locations you can select.
Thank you so much for the fast solution, it was driving me crazy! Such lengths they go to to keep the user from knowing his own files, sigh.
Or you could always use the debug log add-on...
Thanks for the suggestion. I have used the addon until now, but as I wrote in the first post this was a crash bug in which case I think the addon is pretty useless?